The Sights and Sounds of Retail Media In-Store

Labor Day Retail Trend: In-Store Shoppers Search for ‘Seasonal Delights’

As Labor Day weekend approaches, consumers across the United States are gearing up for a unique shopping experience.

More Drugstores Are Pushing to Incorporate Phygital Experiences — Here’s Why

They’ve got the data, and they’ve got the customer loyalty. With those key components in place, more retail drugstore chains are looking at how they can blend physical and digital marketing to create personalized and contextualized phygital experiences.

Vibenomics Survey: Retail Shoppers Prioritizing Price Above All Else

Tradition, loyalty, and nostalgia have long been hallmarks of holiday shopping. Until now. According to a survey by the audio OOH advertising firm Vibenomics, inflation-weary consumers are prioritizing price above all else in holiday shopping this year.

Halloween Season Amplifies Consumers’ Impulse to Buy

Ghosts, ghouls, and sky-high candy prices are shaking up consumers this month.

Retailers Build Internal Infrastructure to Optimize In-Store Advertising

Grocery delivery is convenient, but it certainly isn’t cheap. As price concerns and inflation move into the forefront of consumers’ minds, growth in the online grocery space has flattened.

3 Ways In-Store Ads Boost Retail Media Results

2021 was a record year for ad spending. According to Forbes’ projections, audio ads were up to $16 billion in 2021. Mirroring this growth is the increase in attention to data privacy, which has made it harder for advertisers to connect with their target audiences.

7 Audio Out-of-Home (AOOH) Solutions to Watch in 2022

Audio out-of-home (AOOH) advertising has become an ad industry darling, offering brands a creative way to connect with consumers in real-time as they move toward the point of purchase.