The Sights and Sounds of Retail Media In-Store

The New Advertising Powerhouse: In-Store Outperforms Linear TV

In today’s fast-paced digital age, advertisers and brands are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture consumers’ attention and drive sales. Traditional linear TV advertising has long been a staple in marketing strategies. However, a recent study by Merkle suggests that in-store advertising may be the new frontier for reaching and engaging with consumers at scale.

The Rise of In-Store Media

The study reveals that in-store media is now a primary focus for 33% of retailers, up from just 9% in 2022. Physical stores are becoming the go-to for national brands due to fast reach, high attentiveness, and younger audiences.

Outperforming Linear TV

According to the study, in-store advertising has shown remarkable effectiveness in driving online and offline sales, outperforming linear TV advertising in several key metrics. In-store advertising is an attractive option for advertisers looking to maximize their return on investment.

Leveraging In-Store Advertising

Final Thoughts

The study by Merkle highlights the significant potential of in-store advertising as a powerful tool for brands looking to connect with “unreachable” audiences who are no longer easily targeted by traditional ad channels. As the retail media landscape evolves, advertisers should consider allocating more of their budget toward in-store digital advertising to capitalize on this growing trend.

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