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We do things differently at Vibenomics
Vibenomics, a Mood Media Company, is the leading in-store digital advertising provider. Our platform provides a single, all-in-one retail media network, empowering retailers to digitize the in-store experience and advertisers to connect with customers at the ever-critical point of sale. Vibenomics’ in-store digital advertising influences consumers via display, audio and experiential channels across a range of aggregated retailers. Combining on-premise experiential media and in-store advertising solutions on one digital platform — Vibenomics digitizes and personalizes the in-store shopping experiences that today’s consumers expect.
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2016 - The Beginning of Fuzic
April 2016, the first iteration of Vibenomics was started, named Fuzik (a nod to fusing music and messaging). August 2017, local venture capitalists helped the company close its seed round.
2017 - Fuzic Rebrands to Vibenomics
October 2017, Fuzic rebranded to Vibenomics. The name Vibenomics came from the concept that the company helps brands and retailers “create a vibe that drives economics.”
2019 - Vibenomics Continues Funding Rounds
October 2019, Vibenomics participated in the Seed Series Plus funding round, which allowed the company to invest in marketing and product development. Vibenonics closed another Series Seed Plus round in late 2019, followed mere months later with Series A funding in February 2020.
2020 - Introducing Programmatic AOOH
May 2020, the company secured Kroger as a network partner which established Vibenomics as a formidable player in the audio-out-of-home market. Vibenonics closed out 2020 with a Series A-2 funding round. Vibenomics Product Development team connected Vibenomics with The Trade Desk, meaning the advertising inventory on Vibenomics’ network of 6,000 stores across 49 states was available for purchase on the world’s largest omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP). This made Vibenomics the first—and only—programmatic digital audio out of home advertising platform.
2022 - Retail Media Boom
2022, Vibenomics spent most of 2022 leaning into retail media, and competitors took note.
2023 - IAB Releases Retail Media Guidelines
July 2023, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) included in-store digital advertising, along with onsite and offsite solutions in its 2023 Retail Media Buyer’s Guide. With U.S. retail media spend projected to increase from $31B in 2021 to $61B in 2024, accounting for over 17% of total U.S. digital ad spending, this growth highlights the vital role of in-store advertising in driving retail media and enhancing consumer engagement.
2023 - Mood Media Acquires Vibenomics
March 2023, Mood Media, the world’s premiere on-premise experiential technology and media company, acquired Vibenomics, the leading in-store digital advertising solution provider. Combining Mood Media’s breadth and scale as the leading in-store experience provider with Vibenomics’ differentiated technology position in on-premise media solutions enables deeper insights for advertisers, increased revenue opportunities for brands, and greater consumer engagement and analytics at the point of sale.
Today - Vibenomics is the leading in-store digital advertising provider
We are now the leading in-store digital advertising provider. We’re in 23,500+ locations across Grocery, Dug Store, Home Improvement & Convenient Store Verticals.
Our Team
Meet Our Leadership Team
Brent Oakley
Brent Oakley
Paul Brenner
Paul Brenner
SVP of Retail Media & Partnerships
Jenny Quinnette
Jenny Quinnette
SVP of Finance & Operations
Chris Keaney
Chris Keaney
SVP of Product & Technology
Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about Vibenomics

Mood Media is the world’s leading on-premise experiential media company, servicing over 500,000 customer locations worldwide. The company is dedicated to elevating the customer experience through curated music, messaging, digital signage, content management system (CMS), scent marketing, audio-visual hardware systems and more.

Scale and continuity across multiple retail verticals. No other company in the market today offers a single CMS solution for digital audio and visuals in-store, in-store digital advertising and integration with retailer ad-buying platforms. The acquisition comes in an era when retail media networks continue to flourish. As champions of innovation, we believe that retail media networks represent the future of on-premise digital experiences for brands, retailers and consumers as an essential component of any digital ad campaign. Joining forces with Mood Media is a crucial step toward innovating retail media in-store in the next generation of on-premise advertising.

Aside from measurement supported by third-party partners, our measurement options applied to this network include impressions delivered -proof of performance, ROAS, timestamps, omnichannel closed-loop attribution compatible data.

We enable brands to connect with their target audience through audio in-store, targeting by day-part, Zip+4, select banners, geo-targeting, demographics, DMA, and SKU/UPC.

Vibenomics delivers programmatic advertising to in-store displays, both owned and third-party. However, in-store display is not currently at the scale of audio, so display advertising is a fraction of the ads we currently serve.
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