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How a Licensed Music Playlist Can Set The Perfect In-Store Tone
From large chain supermarkets to small, locally owned shops, shoppers are accustomed to hearing background music while they shop, workout, or play. This music is so ingrained in the in-store…
August 3, 2017

From large chain supermarkets to small, locally owned shops, shoppers are accustomed to hearing background music while they shop, workout, or play. This music is so ingrained in the in-store experience that most customers don’t even pay conscious attention to it. But what if the music suddenly went away? A silent, music-free store of any size instantly becomes cold and uncomfortable—and will likely send customers right out the door to a competitor. On another part of the spectrum, the wrong music—too loud, generally unpleasant or just the wrong style for the business—can leave customers feeling anxious and generally uneasy.

The significant impact music has on shoppers has been the topic of numerous academic studies. But still, many stores underestimate its value. Music can put shoppers in the right mood for the store (regardless of how they walked in), help position the brand, and bring customers in the door, ultimately increasing sale opportunities and overall revenue.

Sound too good to be true? Luckily for you, it’s not—and it’s easier than you can imagine. Below, learn how a licensed, custom playlist can set the perfect in-store tone for sale conversions.

It Can Reinforce the Branding

First of all, consider the setting. What sort of brand is the business looking to create or perpetuate? Laid back and carefree? Cutting edge and sophisticated? Creating a licensed playlist that considers the brand can reinforce—or work to change—brand impressions as soon as a customer walks through the door. Take for example, the scenario where a customer is looking for a new piece of athletic equipment. Would a store playing low, soft classical music be a big draw? Likely not. In contrast, upbeat, contemporary music—like what a customer would hear in a gym—could draw them in the door and put them in the mood to buy.

It Can Compliment the Atmosphere

It’s no secret that the in-store experience can be greatly enhanced through music. According to research from DJS, 91% of retailers surveyed believe music makes both customers and staff happier and 58% of managers and business owners believed that the working atmosphere would be damaged if they had to turn off music. Brick and mortar establishments are under ever-increasing pressure from online stores and e-commerce. As such, businesses must use the in-store experience to their best advantage, using music to create an atmosphere that not only brings customers in, but keeps them coming back.

It Can Set the Right Pace

One of the most significant effects music has on customers is through the pace or tempo of the music. An often cited American Marketing Association study, Using Background Music to Affect the Behavior of Supermarket Shoppers, played various pieces of background music with varying tempos each day. Some were fast while others slow. The researcher tracked how quickly or slowly the customers shopped. He also tracked the store’s profits for the day. The research found that, as one may expect, fast-paced music increased the shopper’s pace, but they tend to purchase less. Slow-paced music slowed shoppers down and they tended to purchase more.

When constructing a curated, licensed playlist, it’s important to consider the type of pace desired for the business’s customers. Should that pace change based on the time of year? The time of day? By taking all of these factors into consideration, a business can construct a playlist that can perfectly support sales goals and objectives.

It Can Increase Staff Satisfaction

As monumentally impactful as the store music can be, the floor staff still pulls the majority of the weight of the fully customer experience. So, it’s critical to consider how the playlist impacts their mood and productivity as well.

That same DJS report found that 77% of businesses believe that their staff is more productive when music is playing. It can be used to boost morale and overall attitude, both of which can contribute to the level of customer service they provide to customers. Given the amount of energy that goes into hiring, there are likely common personality traits of the staff that makes them a good fit for the business. Likewise, taking into account the team vibe can help inform a perfectly curated, licensed music playlist.

There’s a Science to In-Store Experiences

There is a science to crafting the right in-store music for customers. It is a key element in differentiating the brand, creating the atmosphere, setting the pace, and impacting the happiness of employees. The right playlist—particularly one that is specifically created for that brand—can support business goals and create a stronger connection between the customer and the brand. The next time someone on the team thinks “It’s just music…no one listens anyways,” remind them that while the customer may only be passively listening, “just music” can still “just” make or break a sale.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo of Vibenomics today and learn how you can set the tone with the right licensed music playlist.

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