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3 Things to Keep In Mind When Changing Seasons With In-Store Audio
For today’s consumers, in-store music is a critical part of the overall customer experience. From the workout pumps blaring at the gym to the soft jazz at a 5-star restaurant…
September 19, 2017

For today’s consumers, in-store music is a critical part of the overall customer experience. From the workout pumps blaring at the gym to the soft jazz at a 5-star restaurant to the kid-friendly announcements at the amusement park, themed music seems to be everywhere. As such, it’s become a permanent fixture of almost every in-store situation imaginable. However, many business and franchise owners think it’s enough to tune into a local radio station and leave it at that.

While that may seem to work for some stores, there is likely a better and more effective way to cultivate the best atmosphere and entice shoppers using both in-store music and audio announcements. Smarter, more strategic retailers are waking up to the fact that a carefully cultivated music soundtrack can make a difference in the bottom line. Research shows that the kind of audio experience, including tempo, volume, and variety, can make all difference between stimulating sales and customers walking out the door. Being able to control what plays over the speakers is a great way to ensure the in-store experience stays positive. The radio offers a level of uncertainty many store owners shouldn’t accept.

One area store owners should look to control when it comes to their in-store audio is how (or if) to change what’s being played over the speakers based on the seasonal changes or upcoming holidays. In-store audio can be a big part of changing the atmosphere of the store for the season—and a positive one if done correctly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when moving from season to season with in-store audio.

Know the Customers

This one is crucial for many areas of the business, but working to understand who customers are and what type of in-store audio they prefer can make a big difference when it comes to conversions. For some customers, welcoming in the holidays with traditional holiday music can be just the thing to get them in the right sort of spirit— including the holiday spending spirit. However, it can do just the opposite for others. A little too much Rudolph and they’ll go fleeing to competitors.

It’s not enough to just know if a store SHOULD play holiday or seasonal music—it’s also important to determine which style is appropriate. Again, it goes back to knowing the customer and their preferences. Do they prefer traditional Bing Crosby holiday music or will they want to hear Mariah Carey’s version of ‘Silent Night’? Consider all of these factors before pressing play.

Think About the Timing

While some may love Halloween, playing spooky music as soon as Labor Day is over may not be the best decision for your business. Think through how this audio is going to change the mood of the those in the store and whether it will impact a potential sale. Labor Day—for many at least—means back to school time. For a children’s clothing retailer, for example, rather than changing immediately to ‘Werewolves of London,’ keep it on some Top 40 hits with some helpful back to school announcements peppered in.

The same can be said for every other season. Think about what is coming up or what events are currently going on and how that can benefit the in-store experience. Going into summer? Businesses with an outdoor pool event space can encourage customers to plan a fun summer pool party! However, not best idea to keep that announcement running during the dead of winter.

Determine the Current Seasonal Sales Focus

Going back to the Halloween example for a moment, while just after Labor Day may not be the right time for a spooky soundtrack, if a retailer is looking to move Halloween or Oktoberfest style products off their shelves, playing that sort of music can do the trick and get customers in the shopping mood.

Beyond the music selection, owners can think about on-demand announcements as a way to migrate the store atmosphere from one season to the next. How? Think about Valentine’s Day. If a customer is in the store and that holiday is the last thing on their mind, a simple nudge from the overhead announcer can not only get the store a sale, but save him or her from a little trouble at home.

No matter what the season, using the in-store audio experience can make the transition effective and impactful by getting the customer in the right mindset. And a customer in the right mindset can mean the right impact on the bottom line.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo of Fuzic today and learn how you can start creating on-brand music and messaging for your in-store customers.

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