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Fuzic Is Now Vibenomics
Regardless of the industry, one thing that business owners can be certain of is the only constant is change. Address or hour changes, product launches or enhancements, businesses are constantly…
October 12, 2017

Regardless of the industry, one thing that business owners can be certain of is the only constant is change. Address or hour changes, product launches or enhancements, businesses are constantly moving and adjusting to stay competitive.

When Fuzic launched, there was no misconception about eventually having to face some of those challenges head on. Recently, one such challenge the business has been working through relates to trademark issues with the name. Fuzic has managed to create a strong brand around that name in a short amount of time. However, rather than spend time on legal issues, Fuzic has chosen to take the brand in a new direction, free and clear of trademark issues, freeing up time to focus on providing customers the best possible experience.

This new brand direction came after extensive customer conversations in which we gathered feedback about how customers are using Fuzic, and how they would like to use Fuzic. Based on that valued feedback, we’re rebranding to become Vibenomics, effective immediately.

Vibenomics reflects the evolution in the way our customers view this technology. The platform has become something much more than just a vehicle for music and messaging. Customers can look to Vibenomics as a way to control their store’s vibe while driving the economics of their physical space. There are 4 main ways customers can control their brand’s vibe by using in-store audio to influence the overall business.

1. Branding a business

Branding is everything. It is the reason for this rebrand and it’s also the reason why businesses spend immense amounts of time and money on determining their brand identity. Carefree and laid back? Edgy and modern? Whatever the brand vibe owners are looking to create, in-store audio can directly impact it. The right music and tone of announcements not only helps create—but also serves to reinforce—the precise vibe a store is looking to achieve. What a shopper or guest hears over the speakers can be one of the most powerful tools available when creating the right vibe for a business at the right time.

2. Educating and entertaining customers

There has been study after study done proving out the impact in-store audio can have on a store’s customers—from giving them a wonderful soundtrack to hum along to while shopping to making sure they are aware of the special offers and updates available. And how about impact on the bottom line? A shopper could walk by multiple signs telling them about the latest discount offer or new product. But a single announcement could be just the push they need to make them aware of the offer and then convince them to make the purchase. This isn’t just true in theory, either. VisionCritical found that 76% of small retailers believe they positively influence the behavior of customers through music.

3. Educating and entertaining employees

Just like shoppers, employees are just as—if not more—impacted by in-store music and announcements. Think about it. Employees are there for hours and hours each week. In-store audio can serve as an important way to boost the morale, attitude, and productivity of the staff.
A DSJ research study found that 77% of of managers/business owners agreed that allowing staff to listen to music enhances productivity. These workers are at the front lines of customer interaction and service. Likely, the employees themselves fit the vibe and the target demographic of the store. Playing music that is fun and appealing to them will keep them happy, ultimately benefiting the customer as well.

4. Driving the economics of the business

Investing in Vibenomics means investing in technology that will drive the economics of the business in a positive direction. When it comes down to it, using music to control the flow of traffic and using in-store announcements to keep customers informed and happy can have a marked impact on continuously driving the economics of the business. While controlling everything is impossible, controlling the vibe of the space through audio is one thing that can be managed to drive real economic impact.

Rebranding to Vibenomics is the best way to reflect the changes and impacts businesses can expect to achieve by using this technology. The exceptional customer service won’t change, but there will now be a heightened focus on what customers need and services to better support their goals, such as the drivers described above. Savvy businesses are combining powerful marketing tactics to create a vibe that can drive real economics with strong marketing messaging and the right music powered by a full marketing technology platform. Ready to learn more or want to see Vibenomics in action?

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