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6 Holiday Marketing Tricks to Try This Season
Uh oh. It’s nearly December, and a quick look around the business shows not a holiday detail in sight. Time to PANIC!!
November 25, 2017

Uh oh. It’s nearly December, and a quick look around the business shows not a holiday detail in sight. Time to PANIC!!

Calm down. It can be easy to get so caught up in, well, running a business, that the all-important holiday season can creep up on even the savviest of business owners. However, since there is still time before the holiday season is in full swing, there’s plenty of opportunity to think about how to create that ever-important holiday vibe in your brick and mortar business. And if your store isn’t a traditional retail environment, that doesn’t mean it’s off the hook.

Don’t let the pressure get too overwhelming. From the customer who puts up a Christmas tree on November 1st to the slightly “Scrooge-like” shopper, every business can do a little something extra to help customers get into the holiday spirit. And they don’t all have to break the bank.

Here are 6 quick and easy marketing tips to try this season:

6 Holiday Marketing Tricks to Try This Season

1. Break out the Holiday Scents, Sights and Tastes

When most people think about the holidays, they often relate it back to scents or lights or a certain treat they had as a child. Bring customers back to those memories by appealing to each of those specific senses. For example, light some holiday scented candles and put up some special decorations. Offer customers a sweet treat, like a candy cane or a cookie, or even just include a special holiday coffee flavor in the waiting room.

2. Keep the Tunes Festive

Whether it is Bing Crosby or Mariah Carey, holiday music is a must this time of year. Carefully curate the playlist so that it appeals to the target customer base—perhaps a little more contemporary if the crowd tends to be more modern. Or, stick to the classics if the age range runs the entire spectrum, or tends to be older. Businesses can also consider mixing holiday tunes with other non-holiday selections. Afterall, everyone can get a little tired of “Jingle Bells” after hearing it several times.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

While everyone’s phones are out to record special holiday moments with friends and family, why not take advantage and create some social media buzz around the business? Try creating a social campaign that is focused on where customers and followers are traveling to for the holidays. Feature their posts on the brand’s social site or consider incentivizing sharing with a contest or prize. Not only will customers want to share their holiday spirit, but the business will be able to learn more about customer preferences at the same time.

4. Put Some Holiday Spirit in the Announcements

Make customers smile by infusing overhead announcements with a little holiday spirit. It is, of course, important to use these announcements to make sure customers know about special offers, holiday events, and other promotions. However, adding some holiday-specific jokes, lingo, or even just a cheerful ‘Happy Holidays’ into the normal announcement mix can mean all the difference. In addition, it can be a quick and easy change to customize the announcement and the tone to a specific holiday and make sure everyone feels welcomed and included, regardless of their background.

5. Tis the Season for Giving

Why not give a little something back to customers during the season of giving and cheer? From a free gift or a gift card to a buy-one-get-one or other discounted offer, gifts and special offers can be a great way to show customers how much they are appreciated this holiday season. Not only will they likely come back next year, the business may find they have a loyal customer all year round.

6. …and for Giving Back

One of the more impactful ways a business can get customers into the holiday spirit—and create some goodwill of their own—is through a holiday charitable giving program. Consider hosting a special open house to sell specific products, services, or other offerings where a portion of the proceeds go to a charity. Offer your business to be a drop-off spot for gift donations or, even better, partner with a local charity for a food, clothing, or toy drive.

This time of year can be great for businesses, retail-focused or not. The holiday season allows customers to spend time with loved ones, to let their festive nature shine, give gifts, and even give back to their community. By using any one or all of these tactics, businesses can be a partner in those holiday activities and likely get a customer who will come back in January.

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