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What's the Science of Music? 8 Facts That Might Surprise You
Don’t feel like working out? Turn up the tunes and get to it. Finding trouble focusing? Put on some classical music. Need to shake a bad mood? Find some upbeat…
November 2, 2017

Don’t feel like working out? Turn up the tunes and get to it. Finding trouble focusing? Put on some classical music. Need to shake a bad mood? Find some upbeat music and turn it up!

Most people spend a significant part of their day listening to music for one reason or another. They listen during a commute, through headphones while trying to power through a to-do list at work, while trying to make it through an exercise routine, and, of course, while visiting favorite stores or businesses. However, few spend time thinking about the science behind the music and why it has such an impact.

From the unique way the right music can increase productivity to how a certain chorus can bring tears or laughter, the science of music is fascinating. Here are 8 interesting facts that may be surprising when it comes to how it impacts us every day.

  1. Music Can Reduce Stress

The phrase “music soothes the savage beast” isn’t just a nonsensical phrase. Music, specifically slow tempo, classical music, can relax both body and mind. It has also been well documented that music can slow the pulse and heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones.

  1. Music Has a Positive Impact on the Elderly

Recently, a study published in Psychology Today found that in subjects over 69, processing speed, episodic memory, and semantic memory were better when listening to music. It was also found that music improves self-esteem as well as relieves depression in the elderly.

  1. Ambient Tunes Can Increase Creativity

In a 2012 study from The Journal of Consumer Research, researchers found that creative processes improved when participants listened to ambient noise at a moderate volume, but could suffer at a louder volume. It stands to reason that soft, ambient, lyric-free tunes can be the thing to get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Babies Can Learn Music While In The Womb

No, no…they can’t learn to play an instrument or read music, but it turns out music has an impact extremely early on. While it’s hard to tell long term impact, a 2013 study suggests that babies can not only learn a melody played to them while still in the womb, but they can recognize it after they are born. Those same melodies can also serve to relax the baby after he or she is born.

  1. The Right Music Opens Wallets

Interesting research from Frontiers In Psychology reported that if the music gave people “the chills” (meaning moved them in a positive way), they are more likely to give money. And if the music didn’t fit the mood, they gave less. So make sure the soundtrack fits the audience at the next fundraiser!

  1. Music Can Improve Physical Performance

This blog has previously reported on the way music can impact a workout, but it warrants repeating. Scientific studies found that there are “5 key ways in which music can influence preparation and competitive performances: dissociation, arousal regulation, synchronization, acquisition of motor skills, and attainment of flow.” Bottom line? Pump the jams while pumping iron.

  1. Music Actually Pulls at Heart Strings

Music can create a change in the cardiovascular system, according to a paper published in the journal circulation. Unlocking more about how musical rhythms impact physiology can provide insight into new therapeutic treatments for stroke and other similar heart-related conditions.

  1. It’s Not Just People Who Feel the Beat

Flowers grow faster by listening to music. So, according to research done in South Korea, play the mums a little Mozart and they’ll perk right up. The study found that “music helped plants grow at a faster pace, and is evidence that plants have genes that enable them to ‘hear.’”

Music is a powerful thing—much more so than most even realize. As the research grows, so does our love for and desire to have music in our lives.

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