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8 In-Store Announcement Ideas That Will Drive Customers To a Website or Social Experience
A beautiful website...that has no visitors. A wonderfully curated social media feed...with no one to follow it. All of the careful work put into creating the perfect digital presence, including…
December 27, 2017

A beautiful website…that has no visitors. A wonderfully curated social media feed…with no one to follow it. All of the careful work put into creating the perfect digital presence, including offers, events, and information that customers can benefit from and engage with. How, though, can businesses drive in-store customers to those valuable digital sites?

This is one of the most common problems businesses encounter when venturing into the digital space. Driving engaged customers to a website or a social experience can be difficult, but there are a few key ways to overcome the challenges and get customers to flock online. One of those key channels to utilize—and coincidentally one of the easiest—is in-store announcements.

Customers are already in the store and likely have their smartphones in-hand, ready to quickly visit a website or social channel right away, or even make a note of a contest or reason to visit later on. Why not take advantage of the captive audience that is already interested in the business and the products or services it offers?

Here are a 8 sure-fire announcement ideas that can help drive website traffic, social media likes, and all manner of social engagement:

8 In-Store Announcement Ideas That Will Drive Customers To a Website or Social Experience

1. Encourage customers to visit the website and donate or get involved with a local charity event that the store is hosting. Charity events and fundraisers can bring out the best in staff and customers alike. Use in-store announcements to drive customers to a special landing page so they can learn more about the charity and read information about how they can participate.

2. Drive customers to the business’ Facebook page to participate in a poll about the genre of music for a chance to win a prize. Music can make or break the vibe of a business. One of the most important ways to win in this category is to match the musical tastes to primary customers. Using in-store announcements to drive interested participants to the Facebook page for a poll not only garners new Facebook likes and interactions, but also allows the business to adjust the music—and therefore the vibe—to match their customers’ preferences.

3. Announce a discount on the next purchase if customer posts a photo of their outfit or service, tagging the company. A great way to get customers to a website or social site is through encouraging participation and sharing. Allow customers to brag a little about the way they use or style a product, raise awareness with their followers, and receive a discount? It’s a win all around!

4. Offer a special prize if customers post photos of their workouts, meal plans, or shopping tips every day for a month, using a certain hashtag. For a gym, retailer, or grocery store, getting customers to keep coming back is the crux of the business. Announce a contest while they are already in-store, giving brand fanatics (or wannabes!) an extra incentive to keep sharing the love.

5. Encourage signing up for the newsletter mailing list for special offers through the year. A newsletter can be one of the best ways to reach customers where they live: their inbox. If they are aware of the special offers and information available in the newsletter, there is no reason they wouldn’t sign up right way, even while waiting in line or browsing in the aisle.

6. Drive guests to a blog for more details about an upcoming event. Blogs provide a wealth of information for many businesses without taking up valuable homepage space. Use in-store announcements to let customers know about an upcoming event while also driving traffic to the blog site for additional information.

7. Offer customers a chance to win a free trial of a product or service by commenting on social posts, using a certain hashtag. Part of the beauty of social media is learning something new about customers. Use it to garner valuable information and offer customers a free trial of a product or service in return. The business has the opportunity to learn, and the customer may just keep using the product or service once the trial period is over.

8. Encourage customers to visit the website to view a video explaining more about a new offering. Video is reigning as the leader of the digital world. More people than ever are responding to video—so use it! Drive customers to the site to view a quick video and help them learn a little something more about the products, services, and even the staff.

Using in-store audio allows for an easy and effective way to control the vibe inside the store walls. However, it’s also an excellent tool that can encourage customers to connect with the business in the digital space. From in the store to in the cyber-space, a true connection with customers is critical.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo of Vibenomics today and learn how you can start creating on-brand music and messaging for your in-store customers.

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