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Merging Convenience and Customer Experience
In an era where convenience is key, trends still show that customers value a great in-store experience. Online retail and expedited shipping have redefined what convenience means to the average…
December 18, 2018

In an era where convenience is key, trends still show that customers value a great in-store experience. Online retail and expedited shipping have redefined what convenience means to the average consumer and how that experience can translate into brick-and-mortar spaces. “Experience counts. More consumers today are seeking a great, if not exceptional, experience when they shop — and yes, that includes within the convenience channel,” notes CS News on the makings of a great convenience store shopping trip.

Customers understand that businesses have the tools to learn the desires of individuals that walk through their doors and want store owners to use this knowledge to improve every interaction. Technology is advancing quickly and it is expected that innovation is being embraced in order to provide the best experience possible. Research by Aimia, a loyalty analytics company, noted personalized and relevant content has a definitive impact on customer loyalty. The upward growth of both competition and technology put convenience stores in a unique position to create personalized shopping experiences for their customers, especially by tapping into the information that means the most to them, such as community events and loyalty programs. Localizing and customizing the content that customers hear during their brief in-store interactions has the potential to be what makes the experience exceed expectations.

The National Association of Convenience Stores found that the average time it takes a customer to complete their in-store shopping at a convenience store location is between 3 to 4 minutes, including the time spent walking to and from their vehicle. With a short window of opportunity to delight the customer, how can convenience store owners provide their visitors with the best experience to keep them coming back in the face of many equally convenient alternatives? President and CEO of Sheetz convenience stores noted that “figuring out ways to disrupt from within, while keeping an eye on those also seeking to sell convenience” is the key to continuing success. C-Stores must find a way to merge personalized content with innovative technology to reach customers directly at the point of sale.

Audio Experience Software (AES), like Vibenomics, provides the technology platform to create a unique and personalized experience for the customer during the duration of their visit through the power of curated music and messaging. Indiana-based Ricker’s convenience stores utilize the Vibenomics AES platform in their 56 locations to communicate with their customers and promote items such as food or beverage offeringsloyalty programs, and localized sports recaps and weather reports without the addition of visual clutter or low-impact marketing efforts. “[With Vibenomics] we have a great platform to produce commercials and change commercials on the fly and to make sure that we are getting the message across to consumers, we knew we needed to have great audio,” states Keith Broviak, Ricker’s Director of Marketing, “We are able to take that message and create that commercial in the morning and in the afternoon have it in the stores — you can’t do that with any other type of media”.

Interested in learning more about using an Audio Experience Software (AES) platform and how audio can revolutionize the customer experience in your space? Request a demo of Vibenomics today and learn how you can start creating on-brand music and messaging for your customers.

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