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The Power of Choice and Scale in Programmatic Advertising
The power of programmatic lies in choice and scale. With programmatic, the advertiser chooses what ad impressions they want instead of the publisher doing it for them.
August 5, 2021

You are driving home from work contemplating what you will fix for dinner tonight, when you pass a billboard on the side of the road prompting you to pick up ingredients for your favorite casserole before calling it a day. On your commute to work the next morning, the same billboard shows an ad for breakfast biscuits, reminding you that you forgot to grab breakfast on the way out the door. So, you pull over to the nearest convenience store and make an impulsive purchase as a result of seeing the ad. This is the power of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the method of purchasing and trading digital media using technology to execute buying commands through a public platform. Buying digital media in an automated fashion allows advertisers to purchase in an efficient and effective manner. Traditional Out-of-Home advertising methods were stagnant – billboards and signage that presented the same ad for months on end to a broad, catch-all audience. Today, various forms of Digital Out-of-Home advertising enable advertisers to programmatically target the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Through the years, consumers have changed their media consumption, with more consumption going digital. Instead of traditional methods, consumers have fragmented their media behavior and consumption across a plethora of screens and mobile devices. With the movement to digital advertising, programmatic now accounts for over half of digital advertisement placements.

The power of programmatic lies in choice and scale. With programmatic, the advertiser chooses what ad impressions they want instead of the publisher doing it for them. Programmatic allows advertisers to engage with consumers at different points along the path to purchase, providing the greatest opportunity to influence purchase decisions. This choice in ad placement allows advertisers to be seen and heard in the right place, at the right time, by the right audience. Thus, the power of choice in programmatic has the ability to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) given that brands reach the type of impressions they are intending to land. Not only does programmatic impact sales, it provides insights and analysis on how the ads are performing. Purchasing programmatically offers marketers and advertisers insight of what channels are worth investing in and how it affects a brand’s media mix.

The reach and scale of programmatic through public platforms provides ample opportunities for brands to reach their targeted audiences beyond the initial publisher or website. To put it into perspective, Facebook reaches an audience of 2.31 billion per day and YouTube reaches an audience of 1 billion per day with their advertisements. Programmatic platform, The Trade Desk, however, reaches over 4 billion potential consumers per day. The omnichannel approach of programmatic advertising ensures that retailers’ targeted audiences will receive relevant ads regarding products or services they are likely to purchase, rather than random, overarching advertisements that do not provide as much value to them as a consumer. This method shares a more holistic view of the customer, reaching them with the same ad on multiple devices simultaneously. 

The future of advertising is programmatic. The ability to choose, on a large scale, when and where your audience will encounter your advertisements is a major contributor to increased brand recognition and sales. Vibenomics, the pioneer in Audio Out-of-Home Advertising, provides brands with a programmatic offering that allows advertisements to be heard by target consumers directly at the point of purchase when propensity to spend is highest. To get started with Vibenomics and unlock the power of programmatic advertising, visit

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