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Top 5 Takeaways from P2PI’s Future Forward 2023 Event
How is it June already? It feels like it was just yesterday that we grabbed our beaded necklaces and eagerly headed down to New Orleans in May to attend Path…
June 7, 2023

How is it June already? It feels like it was just yesterday that we grabbed our beaded necklaces and eagerly headed down to New Orleans in May to attend Path to Purchase Institute’s (P2PI’s) Future Forward 2023 event. 

P2PI’s Future Forward event is an annual conference that brings together industry leaders and professionals to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and strategies in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. The event attracts a diverse group of attendees from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • Retailers
  • Brands/CPG Companies
  • Solution Providers

At this year’s Future Forward event, attendees had the opportunity to participate in educational sessions, networking events, and keynote speeches delivered by industry experts in the CPG field. 

There was a wide array of topics covered at Future Forward 2023 which included shopper behavior and trend forecasting, the future of commerce via in-store experience, social commerce, metaverse and beyond!

A few agenda items to highlight from Future Forward 2023 include:

  1. Keynote: Ari Peralta (Arigami) presented the evolution of sensory design and how it can amplify consumer experiences.
  2. Session: Patrycja Malinowka (P2PI) discussed the current shopping mindsets and insights into shopping patterns, new areas of opportunity and the trends & topics on consumers’ minds that influence future behaviors. 
  3. Campfire: Reshma Schneider (Conagra) and Jen Senerius (The Mars Agency) talked through how they partnered to adapt their marketing strategies to meet change in shopper behavior.
  4. Panel: Jessie Dowd (P2PI) and Manish Sharma (Kellogg’s) uncovered how to navigate the RMN ecosystem and account for greater investment in retail media.

Our Top 5 Takeaways

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s Future Forward event, or just can’t read your handwriting from your notes (we’ve all been there!), we’ve got you covered. 

These are the top 5 takeaways from Future Forward 2023 that stood out to us: 

  • In-Store is Emerging 
  • Shopping Should Be Simple
  • Brand Budgets are Shifting 
  • Omnichannel is Effective
  • Data Silos are Preventing Investment 

1. In-Store is Emerging

The event highlighted the growing importance of digital in-store experiences, emphasizing that these innovative strategies are becoming a permanent part of the retail landscape. 

Ari Peralta, neuroscientist and CEO of Arigami, presented 5 ways for brands and retailers to turn to neuroscience and technology to give them a competitive edge with design:

  • 3D and Depth Perception
  • Generative Art Installations
  • Light & Sound Experience
  • Nature-Like Atmospherics
  • Mood-Based Experiences

The trends above emphasize the convergence of in-store technology to enhance consumer experiences, creating immersive, interactive, and emotionally resonant brand interactions. 

In P2PI’s blog post, “Future Forward: Amplifying Consumer Experiences,” Peralta highlights that incorporating multisensory cues in a store can increase shopper’s stay by up to 51%, while also noting that 52% of consumers have abandoned e-commerce sites due to poorly curated offerings. 

One of many notable findings in the P2PI’s “Shopper Engagement with Retail Media” research report identified that 48% of shoppers say in-store audio encourages them to locate products in-store and consider purchasing — the same amount as with video ads and digital screens. To capture and maintain shoppers’ attention in the crowded retail landscape, brands MUST invest in efforts designed to maximize customer interaction.

2. Shopping Should Be Simple

With the evolving in-store environment, it is vital that navigating the shopping experience remain simple. With consumers desiring a simplified and straightforward shopping experience, retailers must focus on creating a smooth transition between onsite, offsite and in-store channels. Brands, too, must ensure that messaging is consistent and relevant to each individual shoppers’ journey. 

Paul Brenner, SVP of Retail Media Strategy and Partnerships at Vibenomics, says that for the past several years, the retail landscape has evolved to become all about the customer experience. Technology helped elevate digital ecommerce – an evolution no doubt accelerated by the global health crisis. But nearly 95% of shoppers have returned to physical stores with an expectation that their in-store experiences will deliver as well as online shopping. 

3. Brand Budgets are Shifting

Brands want to shift their budgets to be more inclusive of Retail Media In-Store digital advertising strategies within their omnichannel campaigns – alongside traditional onsite and offsite tactics. 

A significant majority of buying (92%) still occurs in-store, while only a small portion (8%) happens online. Brands can truly influence shoppers at the point of purchase with in-store tactics by creating compelling and interactive experiences that engage all the senses and leverage personalized promotions to drive conversion and brand loyalty.

4. Omnichannel is Effective

Brands are adopting an omnichannel approach with single, unified campaign objectives. The focus is on seamless omnichannel buying experiences, integrating various channels rather than treating them separately.

The question we hear at Vibenomics is, “how do brands catch shoppers’ attention with ads and deliver a personalized experience similar to what’s available via online platforms?” Enter RMNs, providing omnichannel solutions to these challenges. Retailers can broadcast targeted audio advertisements in brick-and-mortar stores to promote products near the point of sale and in the aisles. 

5. Data Silos are Preventing Investment

Data silos between onsite, offsite, and in-store channels were identified as a challenge in proving incrementality and, therefore, preventing effective omnichannel investment. 

The pressure is on retailers to demonstrate the value and incrementality of Retail Media solutions by proving the effectiveness of omnichannel (onsite, offsite, and in-store) campaign strategies. The importance of breaking down these data silos to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey was emphasized.

Wrap Up

After an immersive and thought-provoking experience at Future Forward 2023, several key takeaways emerged that shed light on the evolution of the in-store experience, the importance of a simplified shopping journey, and the significance of brands transitioning to a true omnichannel approach with unified campaign objectives. 

By understanding and implementing these top takeaways, retailers and brands can stay ahead of the curve, create meaningful connections with their customers, and establish a strong foundation for sustained growth in the years to come. 

As one event ends, another one approaches! Don’t miss out on P2PI’s 2023 Retail Media Summit in Chicago this upcoming June. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into the latest trends, strategies, and technologies that are shaping the future of retail media. Mark your calendars and be sure to join Vibenomics at the 2023 Retail Media Summit as we explore the future of retail media together!

About Path to Purchase Institute 

Path to Purchase Institute (P2PI) is a global association that provides insights, knowledge, and networking opportunities to consumer goods professionals involved in the path to purchase. They focus on helping businesses understand and optimize the consumer journey from the initial consideration of a product to the final purchase decision. 

P2PI offers a variety of resources, including research reports, case studies, webinars, and events, to help their members stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. They also provide a platform for networking and collaboration among professionals in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

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