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Vibenomics is Redefining Retail Media
Vibenomics, a pioneer in in-store audio advertising, has teamed up with Microsoft Advertising to transform the retail media landscape. This innovative partnership harnesses Vibenomics' expansive network of over 170 million…
February 20, 2024

Vibenomics, a pioneer in in-store audio advertising, has teamed up with Microsoft Advertising to transform the retail media landscape. This innovative partnership harnesses Vibenomics‘ expansive network of over 170 million unique monthly shoppers, delivering an efficient, scalable, and easily implementable solution that seamlessly links digital campaigns to physical shopping experiences.

This extensive reach establishes an ideal partnership for collaborating and integrating in-store channels. Vibenomics supplies the hardware, while Microsoft Retail Media handles measurement, offering unified reporting and attribution across channels. This pilot aimed to develop an omnichannel retail media solution that merged onsite and in-store channels.

Unified Solution

Vibenomics collaboration with Microsoft Advertising is a game-changer for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a unified solution for the programmatic deployment of digital and in-store media, complete with robust measurement and attribution capabilities. This approach measures the influence of joint exposure across channels and ensures that brands can effectively track the impact of their campaigns.

Post-Covid Shift

Secondly, in a post-Covid world where brands are reallocating their marketing investments to focus more on in-store sales, programmatic in-store media offers a swift and effective way to reach customers within critical retailers. This shift in strategy highlights the importance of integrating digital and physical marketing efforts to drive sales and enhance the overall customer experience.

No More Disconnect

Another key benefit of this partnership is eliminating the disconnect between brand marketing and in-store consumer behavior. Programmatic in-store media enables brands to launch and adjust campaigns quickly, aligning with the faster timelines of digital media. This agility ensures that brands stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging trends in real-time.

Omnichannel Excellence

Lastly, this partnership sets a new standard for retail media by offering integrated onsite, offsite, and in-store capabilities. This omnichannel approach allows brands to engage with customers at every touchpoint, delivering a seamless and cohesive brand experience across all channels. 

The success of this approach is exemplified in our work with a leading CPG brand, where we achieved remarkable results. By combining onsite, offsite, and in-store strategies, we helped the brand achieve a:

  • 50% increased share of category compared to using either tactic in isolation 
  • 40% increase in spending per household, demonstrating the effectiveness of our integrated approach

These outcomes underscore the significance of integrating in-store audio with e-commerce as a retail media strategy. The end result is a compelling case for brands looking to enhance their market effectiveness and deliver impactful experiences to their customers.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between Vibenomics and Microsoft Advertising marks a significant milestone in the evolution of retail media. By leveraging the power of in-store audio advertising and digital marketing tactics, brands can now create more impactful campaigns that drive sales and enhance the overall customer experience.

“We’re excited about collaborating with Microsoft Advertising to bring omnichannel retail media capabilities in-store. Our expertise in infusing in-store audio and display experiences within the broader shopping journey complements Microsoft’s strength in measuring true campaign impact across online and offline touchpoints. This integration demonstrates the vast potential of unifying digital and physical channels to immerse audiences while providing advertisers transparency into what messages inspire action.”

Paul Brenner, SVP of Retail Media and Partnerships at Vibenomics, a Mood Media Company

Getting Started with Vibenomics

Vibenomics, a Mood Media Company, is the leading in-store digital provider with a combined in-store network with Stingray Advertising that reaches over 170 million monthly unique shoppers and 1 billion monthly shopping visits in the United States. Our platform provides a single, all-in-one retail media network, empowering advertisers to deliver an on-premise experience and to connect with consumers via display, audio, and experiential channels. 

Ready to enhance your in-store advertising game with in-store audio? Engage with Vibenomics today and make 2024 a year of unparalleled success for your in-store campaigns.

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