The Retail Media Revolution
Connecting the physical store to the digital world
Nearly 95% of shoppers have returned to physical stores with the expectation that their in-store experiences will deliver as well as online shopping. Retailers are incorporating technology to deliver a “phygital” (physical and digital) experience to their modern consumers. This evolving shopper behavior is driving Retail Media Networks to innovate and adapt - embracing digital solutions designed to offer the personalized shopping experiences today’s consumers expect.
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Ready to elevate your Retail Media strategy with the power of in-store advertising?
Drive Results with Programmatic Advertising
Media that is data-driven, automated, & measurable 
RMNs are leveraging their first-party data to understand their shoppers and enable advertisers to deliver uninterrupted ad experiences across digital and physical touch-points. Vibenomics’ ad-tech enables your programmatic partners to extend your digital capabilities in-store, at the point-of-purchase.
In-Store Digital Audio
Plays compelling audio messages to in-store shoppers, influencing purchase decisions.
Dynamic Digital Screens
Captivate shoppers’ attention with interactive content, introducing new products, & providing real-time updates on events or special offers.
Interactive Touchscreen Displays
Engage consumers to access information intuitively, browse product catalogs, view customer reviews and even purchase directly from the display.
Advertise to 100% of your Shoppers with an Omnichannel Strategy

Brands and retailers are recognizing the power of omnichannel strategies, enabling fluid integration across digital touchpoints. Onsite, offsite, and in-store channels all play a valuable role in harnessing a unified presence to surround consumers with relevant branding and offers. This approach enables channel-tailored delivery of consistent messaging.

Vibenomics, in partnership with Microsoft Advertising, conducted a first-of-its kind study, providing closed-loop reporting and measuring the effectiveness of omnichannel campaigns. Our analysis shows that brands reaching shoppers through joint exposure to onsite and
in-store tactics see a 50% increase in share of category vs. either tactic in isolation.

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