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PART ONE: Key Takeaways from IAB's DOOH & In-Store Retail Media Playbook
The IAB Digital Out of Home (DOOH) & In-Store Retail Media Playbook is an invaluable resource for brands and retailers seeking to elevate their in-store environments through strategic partnerships and…
June 13, 2024

In today’s retail landscape, the in-store experience has transcended mere transactions to become a pivotal aspect of consumer engagement and brand loyalty. The IAB Digital Out of Home (DOOH) & In-Store Retail Media Playbook is an invaluable resource for brands and retailers seeking to elevate their in-store environments through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing tactics. This playbook provides key takeaways on how to leverage various in-store media, including impactful in-store audio. 

The Importance of Merchandising & In-Store Shopper Marketing 

Promotion is a cornerstone of effective in-store shopper marketing, encompassing a range of strategies to raise awareness and generate interest in products. According to the playbook, promotion includes:

  • In-store audio: Engages shoppers with targeted messaging and ambient music, creating an immersive shopping atmosphere and driving promotional messages directly to consumers at the point of purchase
  • Digital displays: Utilizes strategically placed screens to highlight products, promotions, and brand messages, guiding shoppers through the store and influencing their purchasing decisions
  • Social media marketing: Leverages platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage with shoppers before, during, and after their store visit
  • Physical displays: Provides product information and promotional offers through coupon dispensers, floor decals, and at-shelf printed signage
  • Special events: Hosts in-store events, product demonstrations, and exclusive launches to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity

These promotional efforts inform customers about products and offers to help create a sense of urgency or exclusivity that can drive sales. 

Enhancing In-Store Marketing & Collaboration 

In-store marketing engages customers right when they enter a store, using techniques such as point-of-sale displays, in-store promotions, audio, and signage to attract attention and encourage purchases. Collaboration between merchants and marketing teams is crucial for optimizing in-store space, referred to as “white space.” Proper collaboration involves strategic planning to make the most of the available retail space, ensuring products are displayed to maximize visibility and appeal. 

“Visual merchandising, category management, strategic product placement, timely audio messages, and thematic digital and physical displays can significantly impact sales and customer experience.”

The playbook underscores the importance of evaluating the addition of digital screens or speakers by considering their value to the customer experience and identifying which department benefits the most, helping clarify their role in influencing purchase decisions.

Addressing Complexity & Challenges 

With the rise of digital technologies, the role of media in shaping merchandising and in-store marketing has grown exponentially. These innovative strategies offer new ways to engage customers, providing dynamic content that can influence purchasing decisions. These technologies enhance the customer experience and provide retailers with valuable customer preferences and behavior data. However, the playbook notes that –

“The advent of technologies enabling reverse attribution metrics opens a new frontier in understanding the consumer journey from ad exposure to in-store action.” 

Leveraging Different Advertising Formats 

Audio advertising in stores is a powerful tool to influence at-shelf decision-making and impulse shopping. It goes beyond background music or spoken messages, integrating with a brand’s overall in-store digital campaign to influence purchasing behavior. 73% of shoppers who hear a Vibenomics advertisement in-store purchase the advertised product or a similar one. (Vibenomics In-Store Advertising Report – Suzy Market Research, April 2024)

“Audio messaging can also drive shoppers into the aisle to purchase an item based on that virtual experience.” 

Retailtainment and Experiential Activations 

Retailtainment and experiential activations transform the in-store shopping experience into an engaging and memorable event. 

“In-store audio plays a crucial role in these activations, enhancing the atmosphere and guiding customers through their shopping journey.”

The playbook highlights examples of “in-aisle options being developed to bring screens into the aisle,” with audio messaging driving shoppers to specific locations within the store. 


Enhancing the in-store experience requires a multifaceted approach. From innovative merchandising strategies to effective collaboration between departments and the strategic use of in-store audio and other digital technologies, retailers have numerous tools to create a compelling and engaging environment that drives sales and fosters brand loyalty.

Stay tuned for part two, where we will dive into defining in-store retail media metrics and understanding the complexity of in-store impressions. This upcoming section will provide deeper insights into measuring the impact of in-store advertising, a critical component for any brand or retailer aiming to optimize their in-store marketing strategies. Speaking of measuring the impact of in-store advertising, be on the lookout for a revolutionary whitepaper, authored by industry leaders, that will reshape the way brands and retailers view in-store impressions!

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