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How Audio Can Help Supplement Your Digital Displays
Audio marketing is becoming more and more recognized for its effectiveness. If a business chooses to supplement its in-store audio strategy with digital displays, it can only serve to strengthen…
January 19, 2018

Audio marketing is becoming more and more recognized for its effectiveness. If a business chooses to supplement its in-store audio strategy with digital displays, it can only serve to strengthen the business’ message, enhance customer and employee experiences, as well as help to grow business organically.

Digital signage is a great way to provide information and entertainment in a tech savvy way. Guess what else does that? You guessed it: audio. Using in-store audio can direct customers to the displays for information, interactive experiences, video clips, or even live social feeds. Digital displays can also be an excellent resource for bettering the overall customer experience, but prove to be even more effective if accompanied with informative audio messaging.

Finding the best display screens for the space and managing audio with on-demand messaging can be the one—two marketing punch a business needs. But how do all of those mediums work together? Here are 5 ways in-store audio can supplement and strengthen a digital display strategy.

How Audio Can Help Supplement Your Digital Displays

1. Make Sure The Message Is Heard (and Read) Loud and Clear

How many times have customers walked right on by a digital display without even glancing at it? Even the best, most well-thought out displays can be missed by a customer too busy on their phone, wrangling a child, or talking to a friend. Use in-store audio messaging to help alert that customer, regardless of what is distracting their eyes at the moment.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not everyone reads at the same speed. If the display changes too quickly or has too much content, customers may miss it. And if they miss it the first time, it’s unlikely they’re waiting for the message to come around again. By offering the information in two ways—one on the display and one on audio—customers won’t miss the important message.

2. Use it to Increase Social Media Buzz

Social media is an opportunity to showcase not just products, but happy employees and customers. By sharing those types of messages, a business can spark additional engagement and gain traction on social media channels. Just as important, people like to see their name—or in this case, their handle—in lights. Tying social media, digital display, and in-store audio is a trifecta of marketing strength.

Use in-store audio to tell customers that if they tweet or post a picture, it may be featured on the digital display at the front of the store. Make it a fun contest; encourage them to take a picture of their favorite product, and share why they love it. Tying these three elements together can create unique, buzzworthy content customers and the business alike can benefit from.

3. The Combination Can Move Products Faster

Even the best employees can occasionally fall flat on a sales pitch or an upsell opportunity. Digital signage can give customers the most subtle of pushes just by directing their attention to the displayed image or text. Encouraging customers to view the image or watch to see a new way a product can be used or styled through an in-store announcement can help connect to the visual—and can be just the thing to push the sale over the edge.

4. Enhance Events and Promote the Next One

Using displays to showcase photos of current or prior events to promote upcoming happenings is a great way to get customers excited. Get on the speakers with an announcement instructing event guests where they can go to put on their best model pose, and then share the photos in real-time on the store’s display. Or, use announcements to direct customers to the display for more information about upcoming events in case they want to mark down the details.

Co-marketing efforts can keep events lively. And those photos—with the proper permissions of course—can be used in the promotion of the next event.

5. The Right Combination is Key!

Both digital signage and in-store audio on their own are great ways to market to customers while they are physically in a brick and mortar store. But, when used together, they can have a transformational effect on the bottom line. Finding a partner that can help to create messaging—both audio and digital—that compliments one other is key.

Interested in learning more? Request a demo of Vibenomics today and learn how you can start creating on-brand audio and displays for your in-store customers.

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