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Why Advertisers Should Be Prepared for the Summer 2021 Travel Surge
Are advertisers prepared for the surge of audiences to re-enter the out-of-home advertising market, post-pandemic? 
June 24, 2021

Quarantined. Isolated. Secluded. These are all words that resonate after over a year of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Business trips turned into virtual conferences, birthday parties converted into zoom meetings, and family vacations were altered to local, socially-distanced outings. The pandemic has not only affected the way we live our day-to-day lives, but has had an unprecedented effect on the future of consumption, advertising, and understanding of consumer buying behaviors. With the rise of e-commerce, digital advertising, and social media usage, businesses were able to react quickly to the immediate shift in the observation and perception of targeted advertisements. While businesses can celebrate overcoming the challenges in reaching their targeted consumers through traditional marketing methods during the pandemic, the next challenge awaits: Are advertisers prepared for the surge of audiences to re-enter the out-of-home advertising market, post-pandemic? 

Following a year of uncertainty and anticipation of the “return to normal,” the summer of 2021 is predicted to bring an immense domestic travel surge. As a matter of fact, American Airlines is expecting to fly nearly 90% of its 2019 system capacity just within the summer months of 2021. Not only are airlines experiencing this surge, but road travel has increased significantly within the past few months. With the increased popularity of road trips expected throughout the course of the summer, car rentals, hotels, and convenience stores are preparing for the anticipated traffic from travelers crossing state borders. Along with the suspense surrounding travel, convenience stores have the opportunity to position themselves to reach their largest in-person audiences since before 2020. Likewise, with millions of Americans ready to explore after a year of isolation, advertisers should be prepared for the surge of in-store traffic and listening ears. Brands have the opportunity to reach a diverse market of potential consumers when propensity to spend is highest, making consumers more inclined to react to advertisements about snacks, drinks, and other travel essentials with the inevitable need to make pit stops while on the road. 

Convenience store locations must prioritize the customer experience in order to become the top pick of the road trip when dozens of options line the interstate. Utilizing Audio OOH in store locations to provide upbeat music and informative messaging while consumers are browsing snacks and stretching their legs will create greater brand loyalties. This increased traffic presents a great opportunity for advertisers and brands aiming to increase brand awareness along the path to purchase. On-the-go snacks, drinks, forgotten essentials, and the convenience of a one-stop-shop will acquire the most diverse audience that is ready to impulsively purchase on the way to their destination. Both retailers and brands can benefit from Audio Out-of-Home (Audio OOH) in-store media in convenience store retail locations. Audio OOH enables retailers to increase sales while improving the customer experience when propensity to spend is highest. Vibenomics, the pioneer in Audio OOH, provides retailers with the cloud-based technology and industry expertise to enhance the in-store experience, build brand loyalty and drive higher sales. Allowing locations to control the in-store vibe through background music, live announcements, and promotional messaging, Vibenomics powers audio channels for retailers, giving brands the ability to talk to shoppers directly at the point of sale. 

Take advantage of the summer travel surge, and get started with Audio OOH. Visit to see how Audio OOH can benefit your business and enhance the consumer experience!

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